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Frankley Green 伯明翰 Northfield

2Bed - 4Bed

Frankley Green 伯明翰 Northfield

From £279,000

Frankley Green入場價實惠



Frankley Green位於Northfield,2房單位售價27.9萬鎊起,入場價實惠。此地皮前身為一個大型高爾夫球場。整個發展地帶由一條河畔小徑由中間分隔為上下兩部份,包括佔地24.5英畝的住客公園。並且已向伯明翰Council申請興建一所全新的小學。周邊交通距離往Northfield Town center,駕車只需5分鐘,步行只需20分鐘。亦可選擇到Longbridge Town Center,車程亦都只需8分鐘。


Frankley Green is located in Northfield and offers 2-bedroom units starting at £279,000 with affordable entry prices. The land was formerly a large golf course. The entire development area is divided into upper and lower parts by a riverside pathway, including a 24.5-acre residential park. An application has also been submitted to Birmingham Council for the construction of a brand new primary school. The surrounding transportation is convenient, with Northfield Town Center just a 5-minute drive or a 20-minute walk away. You can also choose to go to Longbridge Town Center, which is only an 8-minute drive.


  • 地皮前身為一個大型高爾夫球場

  • 將發展800個住宅單位

  • 設有住客共用空間及各種生活設施

  • 24.5英畝住客公園

  • 興建全新小學供屋苑學生就讀

  • 5星發展商全力打造


  • 預計完工時間:按工程進度(部份已入住)

  • Lease年期:Freehold

  • 地租:£0

  • 物業管理費:Approx. £180


  • 預留費:£500

  • 律師發出買賣交換合同及法律相關文件

  • 支付10%房款,並簽訂買賣交換合同(30天內完成)

  • 工程完工時支付餘下90% 的房款


  • 5分鐘車程到Northfield市中心

  • 8分鐘車程到Longbridge市中心

  • 8分鐘車程到大型超市M&S及Sainsbury's

  • 20分鐘車程到伯明租翰市中心

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